Since 2008, and in between a jam-packed medical career training and practising as an inner-city GP in London, I’ve presented television and radio for Channel 4, BBC Radio 4, and Al Jazeera. I have written for the Guardian, and in 2016 I wrote and presented my own ten-part series on the history of social and cultural anthropology for BBC Radio 4. In 2017, I wrote and presented a radio essay on music and language for BBC Radio 3, exploring what it means to be fluent in something you don’t understand. A longer version is available on my Soundcloud page here

This year, I seem to be doing quite a bit of speaking/chairing. I particularly enjoyed talking to about happiness to The Trouble Club at the Groucho, and presenting at the Royal Society of Medicine about Gender and Hubris. I also chaired a panel discussion on architectural concepts in film after a screening of Michelangelo Antonioni’s The Passenger at Curzon Bloomsbury, in conjunction with fine artist Julie Hill, for whom I also write art essays. I’m currently writing a non-fiction book and trying to stay on top of my laundry. You can get in touch here, or follow me on Twitter.